is a grain leather with fine, even embossing.

Wombat is a grain leather with fine, even embossing. Good care and performance characteristics are attained as a result of the surface pigmentation. Visible natural features and small, scarred wounds are signs of grained leather.The leather is approx. 0.9 – 1.1 mm thick.

Light fastness – high

Care friendliness- high

Feel and breathability – medium

Basic information about leather

Never position your sofa directly next to heaters, radiators or similar sources of heat. Avoid direct exposure to light or sunlight, sources of heat, radiators or halogen lights, etc. Natural materials have lower friction resistance and therefore leave marks more easily, especially in combination with liquids such as perspiration. Leather may have a strong odour to begin with. This smell may linger for a few weeks or months, depending on the material. Frequent ventilation works best. No one hide is like another, hides differ greatly within a delivery and there may be great differences in colour and structure, even within the hide itself. These differences are not justifiable grounds for complaint. Deviations from the collection sample are therefore common!

Detailed view Wombat

Care and cleaning products

We can give you advice and practical support to preserve the beauty and value of your furniture. Our service partners can supply you with products for regular cleaning and care, problem solvers for removal of tricky stains from leather, such as greasy marks, colour abrasion from clothes or ballpoint pen marks and faded and dry patches. Moisturising with care products is important for the leather, but also for surface pigmentation. Tears may show on the surface of the leather if the pigment layer dries out. Generally speaking, leather should be wiped occasionally with a slightly damp cloth.

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