Zou Zou. Individuality.

in leather Wilderness grey

With its many design options, Zou Zou is the perfect choice for individualists. Three different seat depths offer great seating pleasure for every body size and every occasion. The Wilderness leather makes the sofa an absolute highlight.

Wilderness is a mineral-tanned suede leather from cows. As its name already gives a hint, the leather has a very wild, even rough look that turns it into a real must-have for every leather lover! The leather receives his unique look because, against the common procedure, the leather of the backside is used. The „Sotto-crosta“ side stays completley untreated without getting roughen. That is how this unusual look with different fibre lengths and structures, cut marks and other features, is created. The partially very long and coarse leather fibres are deliberately retained and turn every furniture, in combination with other natural characteristics that can be found in this leather, into a real unicum. All natural features such as scars, insect bites, neck folds and cuts from barbed wire etc. are retained. These features are proof of the promised naturalness and intentional expressiveness of this leather and can therefore obviously not be recognised as a complaint. The leather is approx. 1.2 – 1.4 mm thick.

As with all pieces of furniture from tommy m, you can also choose between different cover qualities for Zou Zou. Whether leather or textile – there are no limits to your imagination! This way, the sofa becomes your very own unique piece, made for you in our manufactory in Upper Franconia.

The padding with a soft, casual character is intended due to design. In the course of normal use it is typical for the merchandise to form folds and
recesses. This development is aided by the different properties of the cover material, the influence of body weight, heat and moisture and the location of the sofa (e.g. sources of heat and light). These normal performance characteristics are related to model and design and therefore do not represent grounds for complaint.