tommy m – a smile every day!

Yes, a smile. Because we’re smiling! We have every reason to. We’re smiling because what we do makes us happy. Every day at TM Collections, the company behind the tommy m brand, we enjoy using our hands and our skills to create something personal to brighten up your home and hopefully stay with you for a long time.

Our furniture is a little different. It is high-quality, designer furniture, mainly made from the finest, natural leathers with a unique appearance and feel. It is modern, stylish and individual yet, at the same time, sustainable, natural and respectful of resources and our environment. It has the feel of a timeless classic. Visual and tactile effects that many would never expect from this material make touching and sitting on this furniture the ultimate enjoyable experience. It invites you to feel comfortable in every way.

To achieve this, we take great care in designing our models with our own highly creative team and in collaboration with international designers. We take our inspiration as much from classic design, as from the latest trends, the marvels of nature, sparkling ideas from different areas, facets from all over the world and much more.

We are dedicated and careful in choosing our materials and sometimes they come from places that nobody has ever associated with furniture before. We choose the type of design with consideration and inspiration. Our materials are so unique and of such high quality that they need particular knowledge, experience and care. That is why we produce the furniture using the most skilful craftsmanship and well-trained specialists at our location in Upper Franconia. We manufacture our furniture using the most natural techniques currently on the market and we do everything to develop further with qualified partners and to set new standards for the industry as a whole.

Thanks to the high-quality materials and first-class processing, our furniture only becomes more beautiful over time. Like a good wine, a good leather matures and good design will always be good design.

tommy m furniture carries within it the joy we felt in making it… and hopefully this joy will pass onto you, so that you will smile every single time you see it.