We rely on our regional suppliers

For us, regional products from our homeland are above all an emotional need. The regional nature of our raw materials supports the domestic labour market and reduces transport emissions and packaging waste. Long-term relationships at eye level are of the utmost importance to us. They also give smaller suppliers planning security and thus enable the production of high-quality raw materials. In contrast to anonymous wholesale purchases abroad, we can thus directly influence the products. In this way we contribute to securing local jobs and to protecting the environment through short delivery routes when purchasing raw materials and using services from the region. Sustainability is very important to us. We place great emphasis on purchasing energy-efficient and durable products from recycled and sustainable raw materials.

Our materials

comply with the German and European emission and pollutant guidelines and the high requirements of the DGM. Production and materials comply with the quality guidelines RAL-GZ 430 and the German Quality Association for Furniture. (DGM). We have been awarded the “Golden M” of the DGM.

Foams, cushions, fleece

PUR foams are assembled at a distance of only 1 km. Our cushions are supplied by our trusted partner from the neighbouring region of Thuringia. Even our non-woven fabrics are only 20 minutes away from us by car.

Wood, metal and steel

We obtain wood from local beech and multiplex boards from our long-standing friend and partner just 5 km away. Metal and steel we get from our partner from only 10 km distance.


is one of the most natural materials of all. It is a waste product of the food industry, which is made durable by particularly gentle tanning and finishing processes. Read more…