Leather is a wonderful material. The leathers that we choose are exclusive. Creating from the leather equally beautiful and special furniture with individual highlights takes in-depth knowledge of the material and expert processing.

Production takes place at our Upper Franconian site and is done by our highly trained, skilled workers and specialists. Every step is done by hand and with a lot of love and experience. The process starts with designing the furniture and prototyping, goes through quality assurance, cutting the high-quality leather, sewing, upholstering before reaching final inspection and dispatch.

Quality is our top priority! That is why the hides are checked for quality features such as size and thickness, deviations in colour and much more, once they have been received. Automated processing is not possible because our leathers are so unique in colour and appearance. Each hide is chosen individually and the leather pieces are positioned and cut by hand to give each piece of furniture the most beautiful appearance.

At tommy m, we often decorate furniture with special visual effects at the seams – we offer more than ten seam types – so our staff in the sewing room need an especially deft touch and a keen eye. The seams of the upholstered furniture have to be positioned precisely! Any unevenness will stand out, especially if the thread is in a contrasting colour. In-depth specialist knowledge is called for, so that the cover finally fits right down to the very millimetre.

In the pre-upholstery department, our staff make sure that our furniture has a comfortable base, so that you can later relax on it in comfort. Upholstering is the final step in the production chain. This is where all of the pieces are put together. Getting the cover to fit precisely onto the piece of furniture is an art. It requires nimble fingers, as well as strength and precision. Our upholsterers have these skills and enjoy carefully going about their work every day. To make sure that everything really is perfect, every detail is looked at again under a magnifying glass during the final inspection, so that you end up with a perfect piece of furniture.