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Chuck in leather Nevada anthrazit

Chuck lounge chair – modern design plus coziness.

Assembled from rectangular elements and jazzed up with cozy cushions – that’s how the chic Chuck lounge chair presents itself. At 70 cm wide and 79 cm deep, this beautiful piece of furniture is neither too bulky nor too small. Here, everyone can settle down comfortably. Not only that. Your guests won’t even want to get up again and you won’t feel any different at the relaxing end of the day.

Nevada. Barrel-dyed aniline leather from exotic water buffalo with an expressive finish. Mineral tanning was used here. The raw material is a breed of buffalo that is only kept outdoors and is often used as a working animal in the rice fields. Thickness approx. 1.3 – 1.5 mm. The leather gets its special look and feel in the last step of production. The finished skins are polished individually by hand. This gives the leather this open, fibrous structure.

As with all Tommy M furniture, you can choose between different materials for the Chuck armchair. Whether leather or textile – there are no limits to your imagination. Thus, the armchair becomes your very own unique piece, which is manufactured for you in our factory in Upper Franconia.

Height 79  I  Seat height 44  I  Depth 79  I  Seat depth 53  I  wide 70

The padding with a soft, casual character is intended due to design. In the course of normal use it is typical for the merchandise to form folds and recesses. This development is aided by the different properties of the cover material, the influence of body weight, heat and moisture and the location of the armchair (e.g. sources of heat and light). These normal performance characteristics are related to model and design and therefore do not represent grounds for complaint.