A true SENSATION for your home!

That is what the sofa from tommy m really is. His cubic shape ensures a classic look, but the inclined armrests also bring some casual flair to it. Besides his elegant look, the sofa also offers an extremley high sitting comfort that predestinates relaxation.
Like every other furniture from tommy m, you can also choose for Sensation between different seat elements, seems and feet. That’s how the sofa becomes a unique sofa that is manufactured in Upper Franconia for your home!

Sensation in leather Massai

Massai is a mineral-tanned, natural, vacuumed aniline leather. The leather is approx. 1.3 mm – 1.5 mm thick. The specially applied oil/wax finish gives the leather an interesting pull-up/crackle effect.

– Leather description MASSAI –

Sensation in leather Sauvage

A velvety-soft, aniline leather with fine, natural grain and a thickness of 0.9 mm – 1.1 mm. This leather retains its natural features and has a special, traditional finish. The leather is aniline drum-dyed only, a process that is done intentionally quickly to preserve the leather’s light core and to create a feature known as “drum mottling”. This creates interesting colour effects in the hide. All characteristic natural features such as scars, insect bites, neck folds and cuts from barbed wire etc. are retained. These features are natural, rather than artificially printed on, so they look individual and are different in every hide.

– Leather description SAUVAGE –

The padding with a soft, casual character is intended due to design. In the course of normal use it is typical for the merchandise to form folds and
recesses. This development is aided by the different properties of the cover material, the influence of body weight, heat and moisture and the location of the sofa (e.g. sources of heat and light). These normal performance characteristics are related to model and design and therefore do not represent grounds for complaint.