Enrich your home

Shelby arm chair in thick leather Bubalus darkbrown with fine wire frame in metal black coated

The Shelby chair enhances your home with its eye-catching details like the fold-over stitching on the armrest, high back or optional quilting in the back.

Bubalus is an extremely thick, rustic, neck aniline leather from Asian water buffalo with a natural finish and no finish. After the high-quality Nappasoft mineral tanning, the leather is only dyed through in the barrel with selected dyes. The surface is not closed by a finish. In this way, the leather retains its inimitably soft feel and lively appearance. The leather has a full thickness of 2.8 – 3.5 mm.

Thanks to a large variety of over 30 different leathers in 200 colors, 45 fabrics in over 500 colors and 6 different underframes, model Shelby becomes a unique piece and made to measure for you.

Back height 102 I  Seat heigh 51  I  Arm height 69  I  Depth 68  I  Seat height 44  I  Wide 63

The upholstery with soft, casual character is design-typical intentional. In the course of normal use, a wrinkle / depression formation is typical for the product. This development is supported by the varying nature of the cover material, influence by body weight, heat and humidity as well as the location of the sofa (e.g. heat, light sources). These normal usage characteristics are model and construction related and therefore no reason for complaint. Model-related properties: The wrinkling in the back and seat is typical for the model and is part of the normal processing pattern of the chair. It may vary depending on the cover material. Dimensions: Please note that the dimensions given are approximate. Due to the thickness of the cover material and its craftsmanship, the dimensions may vary.