Build the world as you like it!

If the world doesn’t work out right away, then at least the sofa will. So or so we thought with our sofa Bricks. This model offers almost infinite possibilities of composition. As the name “Bricks” suggests, this design sofa is based on the principle of building blocks, and the various elements can be put together easily and in just a few steps, depending on your mood and the space you need. Both visually and in terms of comfort, this sofa convinces all along the line! With model Bricks you can choose between different seat modules, armrests and backrests. Whether leather or textile – there are no limits to your imagination! Thus, the sofa becomes your very own unique piece, which is manufactured for you in our manufactory in Upper Franconia.


In leather Stallone olive

Stallone is a full-grain, natural aniline cowhide with a fancy surface look and a pleasantly soft feel. The leather is given a color and wax finish and is then selectively sanded by hand. This creates interesting effects that are then clearly visible on the leather. During production, natural features such as scars, insect bites, neck wrinkles, etc. are left visible and thus prove the originality of the leather and therefore do not constitute grounds for complaint. The thickness of the leather is between 1.2 -1 ,4 mm.

The padding with a soft, casual character is intended due to design. In the course of normal use it is typical for the merchandise to form folds and recesses. This development is aided by the different properties of the cover material, the influence of body weight, heat and moisture and the location of the sofa (e.g. sources of heat and light). These normal performance characteristics are related to model and design and therefore do not represent grounds for complaint.