Bench to order? No problem, our dinner bench Colombo can be planned in 5cm steps.

The bench offers nearly limitless possibilities of configuration. Wether as single bench or a corner combination, with straight arms or just 3/4 arm lenght, Colombo fullfilles every whish. Also the sizes are individually plannable. And of course also the sitting comfort of this furniture is extraordinary! So, a lot of cosy hours at the dining table are guaranteed! Like every other furniture from tommy m, you can also choose for Colombo between different seems and feet. That’s how the bench becomes a unique furniture that is manufactured in Upper Franconia for your home!

Colombo in leather Corrida

Corrida is a natural, full-grain cowhide. Following mineral tanning and aniline drum dyeing, the leather is given a short, surface nap, so there may be a subtle writing effect! Different oils are then worked into the leather. This gives the material its inimitably soft feel and the two-tone appearance of a true pull-up leather. With this finish, it is easy to polish out scratches that are made from the furniture is used.

– Leather description CORRIDA –

Colombo Combination

Left leg in XL oversize. Right leg in normal depth.

Height 88  I  Seat height 51  I  Depth 66  I  Seat depth 43  I  XL Depth 76cm  I  XL Seat depth 53  I  Arm width 7

Single bench – Corner combination – Stool bench – Chair

Benches planable in 5cm steps

Frame and decorative seam available in different types

The padding with a soft, casual character is intended due to design. In the course of normal use it is typical for the merchandise to form folds and
recesses. This development is aided by the different properties of the cover material, the influence of body weight, heat and moisture and the location of the sofa (e.g. sources of heat and light). These normal performance characteristics are related to model and design and therefore do not represent grounds for complaint.