Bench made to measure? Our Como can be planned individually in 5cm steps according to every need.

Como can be planned individually in 5cm steps according to every need. Our dinner bench Como not only combines the highest seating comfort with simple elegance, but also reads all your (seating) wishes from your eyes. Whether with armrests or as an open version, as a corner combination, bar stool or free-standing dinner bench, Como adapts to you and your preferences individually.

As with all Tommy M furniture, you can choose between seam patterns and feet for Como. Whether leather or textile – there are no limits to your imagination. Thus, the bench becomes your very own unique piece, made for you in our manufactory in Upper Franconia.

Como double sided stool finish

in leather Rhodezia

Rhodezia is an expressive, mineral tanned aniline leather from specially selected cattle from the bushveld of Zimbabwe. It is a robust, pure aniline dyed thick leather. All natural features are deliberately processed visibly and thus reflect the originality of Africa. The thickness of the leather is 1.8 – 2.0 mm.

Como upholstered bench, chair and bar stool

in leather Wild Anilin

Wild Aniline is a natural, special aniline leather from grazing cattle from a wild selection. The surface remains open-pored and receives its excellent handle and glossy appearance through waxing and vacuuming. All natural features such as thorn cracks, tick bites, horn bumps, etc. are preserved. These features are proof of the promised naturalness and intentional expression of this leather and therefore cannot be accepted as a complaint, of course! The leather has a thickness of approx. 1.0 – 1.2 mm.

Como back with diamond stitching

in leather Nappa Silk brown

Nappa Silk is an elegant, soft, use-optimized aniline leather with a silky gloss effect. The mineral-tanned leather from South African cattle is dyed through in the barrel and receives a fine pigment grid in the finish. This results in better color/ and light fastness and prevents liquids from penetrating immediately. The special feature of this article is the fat, buttery feel, despite the shiny, visually smooth surface.

Height 88  I  Seat height 49  I  Depth 65  I  Seat depth 50  I  Arm width 5

Bar stool height 92  I  Seat height 78

The upholstery with soft, casual character is design-typical intentional. In the course of normal use, a wrinkle / depression formation is typical for the product. This development is supported by the varying nature of the cover material, influence by body weight, heat and humidity as well as the location of the sofa (e.g. heat, light sources). These normal usage characteristics are model and construction related and therefore no reason for complaint. Model-related properties: The wrinkling in the back and seat is typical for the model and is part of the normal processing pattern of the bench. It may vary depending on the cover material. Dimensions: Please note that the dimensions given are approximate. Due to the thickness of the cover material and its craftsmanship, the dimensions may vary.