Here coziness is capitalized

Daytona armchair in leather Nevada olive with a fine metal frame coated in black

The seat shell of Daytona can be rotated by up to 180° – so you can look forward to a particularly flexible seating pleasure. Thanks to its elegant and absolutely timeless design, the chair can be combined with very different dining tables. Our tip: And it also cuts an excellent figure as a comfortable conference chair in the office.

Nevada leather is a barrel-dyed aniline leather from the exotic water buffalo with an expressive finish. Mineral tanning was applied here. The raw material is a breed of buffalo that is only kept outdoors and is often used as a working animal in the rice fields. The leather gets its special look and feel in the last step of production. The finished hides are individually polished by hand. This gives the leather this open, fibrous structure. During production, all natural features, such as insect bites, neck wrinkles, scars, etc. are left visible. These features are evidence of the promised naturalness and intentional expression of this leather and cannot be accepted as a complaint. The leather has a thickness of 1.3 – 1.5 mm.

Thanks to a wide variety of over 30 different leathers in 200 colors, 45 fabrics in over 500 colors and 6 different underframes, model Daytona becomes a unique piece and made to measure for you.

Complete your design

with a wooden frame in oak or various bogies in cast aluminum, wood or plastic.

Wooden frames can be optionally painted in black, anthracite, ebony, wenge, cherry, natural or aluminum color. Also available for all frames is the option of RAL painting.

Bogies can be optionally equipped with an integrated return spring. Due to the return mechanism, the chair rotates back to its original position after standing up.

Back height 79 (High 82)  I  Seat height 49 (High 52)  I  Arm height 64 (High 67)  I  Depth 60  I Seat depth 40  I  Wide 66

The upholstery with soft, casual character is design-typical intentional. In the course of normal use, a wrinkle / depression formation is typical for the product. This development is supported by the varying nature of the cover material, influence by body weight, heat and humidity as well as the location of the sofa (e.g. heat, light sources). These normal usage characteristics are model and construction related and therefore no reason for complaint. Model-related properties: The wrinkling in the back and seat is typical for the model and is part of the normal processing pattern of the chair. It may vary depending on the cover material. Dimensions: Please note that the dimensions given are approximate. Due to the thickness of the cover material and its craftsmanship, the dimensions may vary.