Take a seat – the highest seating comfort awaits you

Donnigton armchair in leather diesel anthracite with a fine metal frame coated in black

Donnigton is the perfect choice if you are looking for a comfortable piece of furniture with that certain something. In the high-quality processed armchair, thanks to its good upholstery, you will be able to spend many long and, above all, relaxing moments. Donnigton is ideal for an attractive and cozy home.

Diesel leather is a pure barrel dyed aniline leather in mineral tanning. This exceptional item is made from the raw material of African “wildlife” cattle and thus has deliberately included all natural features. These features, such as scars, insect bites, neck and mast wrinkles, thorn cracks, tick bites, etc. are proof of the promised naturalness and the intended expression of this leather and can therefore of course not be recognized as a complaint. The special look of this “Old – Fashion” leather is created by the incorporation of certain waxes and oils, as well as the subsequent ironing of the skins. Characteristic here is the pull-up and crackling effect. The leather has a thickness of 1.2 – 1.4 mm.

Thanks to a large variety of over 30 different leathers in 200 colors, 45 fabrics in over 500 colors and 6 different underframes, model Donnigton becomes a unique piece and made to measure for you.

Maximum sitting comfort and design inspire

Donnigton chair in leather diesel anthracite with a fine metal frame coated in black

Whether in the kitchen, dining room or a comfortable lounge area, Donnigton delivers a comfortable seating experience even when sitting for long periods of time and invites you to enjoy a cozy get-together. Shared meals, sociable game nights or extensive rounds of conversation, Donnigton will guide you comfortably through the evening. The seat shell can be rotated and is optionally equipped with a return spring that always turns the chair back to its original position.

Complete your design

with a wooden frame in oak or various bogies in cast aluminium, wood or plastic.

Wooden frames can be lacquered in the colours black, anthracite, ebony, wenge, cherry, natural or aluminium. The option of RAL lacquering is also available for all frames.

As an option, bogies can be equipped with an integrated return spring. The return mechanism causes the chair to turn back to its original position after standing up.

Back height 84 (High 87)  I  Seat height 51 (High 54)  I  Arm height 59 (High 62)  I  Depth 60  I  Seat depth 42  I  Wide 55

The upholstery with soft, casual character is design-typical intentional. In the course of normal use, a wrinkle / depression formation is typical for the product. This development is supported by the varying nature of the cover material, influence by body weight, heat and humidity as well as the location of the sofa (e.g. heat, light sources). These normal usage characteristics are model and construction related and therefore no reason for complaint. Model-related properties: The wrinkling in the back and seat is typical for the model and is part of the normal processing pattern of the chair. It may vary depending on the cover material. Dimensions: Please note that the dimensions given are approximate. Due to the thickness of the cover material and its craftsmanship, the dimensions may vary.